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About PMC

Population Media Center works worldwide using entertainment-education for social change. PMC’s programs encourage positive behavior change among the audience.

News Strategy Project

PMC’s Population News Strategy Project is designed to help educate the American public about both international and domestic population issues, by placing population experts on radio and television talk shows. We also work closely with print media to connect current events, especially environmental stories, with population issues.

Campaign Highlights

From September 2008 through May 2012, the program booked over 270 hours of media interviews focused on population and sustainability. We placed 45 experts on more than 590 radio talk show programs, which aired on more than 3,000 stations across the United States, plus live streaming and podcasts.

Our experts also appeared in major print outlets including
The New York Times, Los Angeles Times, USA Today and Time Magazine, and online sites such as HuffingtonPost,,,, and
Mother Nature Network.