Books Are Back! (including adult coloring books)

The Los Angeles Times recently declared “Books Are Back!”

Last month, Nielsen BookScan reported that 571 million print books were sold in 2015, 17 million more than the year before. And, e-books, once predicted to reach 50% to 60% of total book sales, hovered at just 25%.”

 They said there’s “no single demographic that wants books on paper: Harper Lee’s second novel, “Go Set a Watchman,” appealed to readers of all ages; “The Wright Brothers” by historian David McCullough had an older readership; teens gobbled up print books by YouTube stars; and “Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Old School,” Jeff Kinney’s latest novel for middle-schoolers, sold a remarkable 95% of its copies in print.

“The most age-defying driver of print book sales was the spike in demand for adult coloring books. While some are available as e-books or apps, adult coloring fans seem to be using them as an escape from time spent staring at a screen. Bestselling coloring book creator Johanna Basford, whose “Secret Garden” jump-started the most recent craze, will allow her coloring books to exist only in print. Take that, digital.”

Photo credit: Kirk McKoy / Los Angeles Times

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The Age of Content Saturation

Ironically, I’m writing to lament the fact that the world has reached a saturation point of shallow, thoughtless content, giving rise to phrases we refer to in publicity as “content saturation” and “content pollution.”

As publicists, we still encourage our authors and experts to blog and participate in social media, but it’s more important than ever to communicate with purpose, target your audiences, and be relevant.

Human attention spans are minuscule and finite, and readers are more inclined to absorb short, punchy messages than to read anything in great detail.

Since you now have just seconds to share your story, the trend in publicity is toward including video, infographics, or other images to help distill your messages into easily-digestible morsels.

And on that note, I’m launching my new blog. Welcome to Carney & Associates publicity services for people who improve our world. I’ll try to keep my posts brief, pithy and relevant.