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Onslaught of New Books Coming this Fall

Thanks to COVID delays, an onslaught of new books is now coming this fall.

Autumn is traditionally the busiest time of the year for books anyway, with publishers releasing their hottest titles for Christmas sales. But this year, books that had been scheduled for release earlier this spring and summer were held back due to the pandemic. COVID devastated the retail landscape and led to canceled book fairs, literary festivals, and author publicity tours. Most of those new releases were postponed until fall, when many had hoped the pandemic would be over.

According to The New York Times, “The reshuffling has caused logistical logjams, as books by prominent authors move into an increasingly crowded window for media attention, reviews and bookstore display space. Some publishers, particularly smaller houses, worry that printing plants will be overwhelmed, which could make it difficult to keep books in stock.”

Now, these hapless authors will be fighting for attention in the midst of a presidential election and the on-going COVID crisis. It’s especially bad news for lesser-known authors, and many won’t get any shelf space or media coverage.

There’s a similar situation unfolding in the U.K. where 600 titles are expected to be published on one day alone.  The Guardian reported, “There is such a thing as a crowded market, and then there is this: an avalanche of words that no retailer or media outlet could hope to accommodate.”

Andrew Holgate, literary editor of London’s Sunday Times,  tweeted last month: “I haven’t finished counting yet, but there are at least – at least – 105 books being published on 1 or 3 September, and all competing for about 10 or 11 review slots … September is always difficult for literary editors, but this is quite mad.”

Smaller publishers and authors will need to be especially strategic with their publicity campaigns in order to get noticed in the coming months. At Carney & Associates, we have decades of experience publicizing large and small books, and a proven track record of getting results. Contact us today to see how a customized marketing and media campaign can help you break through, get noticed, and sell books in fall 2020.

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Cover from Now This

Adam McKay and Activist Margaret Klein Salamon on Declaring a Climate Emergency

screen shot of Margaret SalamonOur client, climate psychologist and activist Margaret Klein Salamon, has done many interviews but this one with filmmaker Adam McKay for NowThisNews remains one of my favorites. Margaret and Adam call on Congress to declare a climate emergency. “Why an emergency?” asks McKay. “Because it is an emergency. And it’s an emergency that’s happening right now.”


“Climate change is happening much faster than most people realize, and it’s accelerating,” adds Salamon.


McKay says, “I think we all had this idea that climate catastrophe might be happening years from now, maybe to our children’s children’s children. Well, you’re wrong, I was wrong, we’re all wrong. It’s happening today.”


B&W Smokey Room“How humans evaluate risk and determine whether a situation is dangerous is by observing the behavior of other people. It’s call the bystander effect. So if a room starts filling up with smoke, but everyone is sitting around acting normally, people will just follow the crowd, stay in their seats, thinking it must be fine.”
–Margaret Klein Salamon


McKay is a supporter of Dr. Salamon’s Climate Mobilization project and her new book Facing the Climate Emergency: How to Transform Yourself with Climate Truth.

Facing the Climate Emergency is a radical new self-help guide to help face the truth of the climate emergency, accept your fears and become the hero humanity needs.

As the climate crisis accelerates toward the collapse of civilization and the natural world, people everywhere are feeling deep pain about ecological destruction and their role in it. Yet we are often paralyzed by fear.

Facing the Climate Emergency gives people the tools to confront the climate emergency, face their negative emotions, and channel them into protecting humanity and the natural world.

Drawing on facts about the climate, tenets of psychological theory, information about the climate emergency movement and elements of memoir, coverage includes:

Climate Emergency Book Cover• How to face the climate crisis and accept your fears, anger, grief, guilt, and other emotions
• Turning negative feelings into tangible action to respond to the crisis
• Rising to heroism, becoming a “climate warrior,” and maximizing your impact by joining the Climate Emergency Movement
• Support material, including further reading, questions for self-reflection, and exercises to complete with like-minded groups

Written for the suffering multitudes struggling to cope and looking for answers, Facing the Climate Emergency provides the motivation, guidance, and support needed to leave “normal” behind and travel the path of the climate warrior, rising to the challenge of our time.
Dr. Salamon and McKay also discuss the climate emergency together on The Young Turks.

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