As a green PR firm, we don’t just practice sustainability around the office. Carney & Associates specializes in publicity services for mission-driven companies. From climate change to food policy, and renewable energy to the sixth extinction, our firm gets impactful publicity for people and brands working to improve our world.

Carney & Associates is a publicity firm for the environment. Our clients use their extraordinary talents, passion, and expertise to provide solutions to the world’s most critical problems.

Our green PR services have promoted mission-driven activists and brands whose passions include organic foods, reduced waste, renewable energy, wildlife preservation, national parks, animal welfare, and more.

Notable clients include Paul Ehrlich, David Suzuki, and Richard Heinberg, the Center for Biological Diversity, the Population Institute, and Sierra Club Books. Many more are listed below. We are proud, and uniquely equipped, to promote work that preserves our planet and serves humanity, creating better lives and communities for generations to come.

If you, your book, or your company are offering solutions to environmental concerns, Carney & Associates knows exactly how to promote your work. As green publicity specialists, we will translate your important messages into concise, newsworthy pitches that capture media attention. Through decades of experience promoting sustainable living, we know which editors and producers will be most excited to share your message with their audiences. The good news is that the media and public are more open to discussing the planet’s welfare than ever before.

Sample Green PR Clients

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