As a publicist, I often get phone calls from authors lamenting, “My publisher did nothing to promote my book.” Unfortunately, the new reality is that publishers often lack the resources to run comprehensive campaigns for every title. Whether your book is indie or traditionally published, today’s authors are expected to handle the majority of the promotion themselves.

I was recently honored to provide a guest post for The Writer’s Place entitled Promote or Perish — Book Promotion Tips. Hosted by professional writer Nancy Christie, The Writer’s Place is “Where writers share their tips, thoughts and observations on writing and the writing life, and toss in their “two cents” on the topic of the month!”

Here are a few book promotion tips from the post:

“Promotional activities an author might accomplish on her own include creating a website, writing guest posts for book blogs, building up that social media following, participating in book festivals, and speaking at bookstores, libraries, universities, cafés, community centers, and other venues that host readings.

“When it comes to traditional and digital media coverage, I’ve found authors get the best results when they hire a professional publicist. Opportunities at traditional outlets like newspapers, magazines, and TV have decreased considerably, while at the same time the number of books being published has exploded. So the competition is fierce for a small number of slots, especially for independently published books.

“In addition to having personal relationships with many journalists…publicists know how to research new contacts for your specific book, and can present it professionally with newsworthy angles.

“Many authors… don’t understand that their book isn’t news in and of itself — it needs to be positioned in a way that’s relevant to the journalists’ needs.

“Whether you’re on your first book or your fifth, there is one guarantee: without adequate promotion, it’s destined for obscurity. The good news is that you can get to work right away!”

Promote or Perish — Book Promotion Tips: Guest Post by Kathlene Carney

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