Are you a business owner, executive coach, or speaker looking for a thought leader PR firm? Carney & Associates provides national publicity services to build your reputation, elevate your brand, and increase awareness of professionals like you.

We bring their leadership stories to life through strategic placements in print and online newspapers, magazines, and B2B trades, as well as radio, podcasts and television, and through speaking opportunities.

Sample Placements

For more than 20 years, our PR services have landed coveted top-tier placements for thought leaders like you in The New York Times, The Washington Post, Time, Havard Business Review, Fast Company, Forbes, Business Insider, and Third-party endorsement from  influential radio, TV, print and online media is especially powerful in building brand awareness and credibility, and driving new business.

Speaking Opportunities

Clients often ask us “Do publicists book speaking engagements?” and the answer is “it depends.” As publicity specialists, we work with business and thought leaders who have messages to share but aren’t quite ready for a professional speakers’ bureau. Speakers’ bureaus tend to want celebrities, best-selling authors, or experienced, polished speakers who can already command significant speaking fees.

For thought leaders who are still working their way up, we help them hone their skills by speaking at local organizations like their Chamber of Commerce, rotary clubs, professional and nonprofit associations affiliated with their industry, and if they’re an author, at bookstores, libraries and book conferences.

PR Services for Business Authors

Many business leaders, executive coaches, and experts write books to help promote their brands. A book provides additional credibility and is often referred to as the new calling card for professionals. Your book will help increase prestige and awareness, and show you’re a leader in your field. The book’s content will help bring in new business, and a book publicity campaign will help generate even more media coverage and speaking opportunities.

As a thought leader PR firm, Carney & Associates excels in business book publicity campaigns that include strategic placements on key business radio shows and podcasts, and in print and online media.

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