Food lawyer and scholar Baylen Linnekin appeared recently on the renowned Leonard Lopate Show in New York City to discuss his popular new book Biting the Hand that Feeds Us: How Fewer, Smarter Laws Would Make Our Food System More Sustainable (Island Press).

The Peabody Award-winning program airs on WNYC-FM, local NPR for the New York City market.

baylenlinnekinLeonard and Baylen discussed food policy, the unintended consequences of many rules and regulations, and ridiculous food laws that defy common sense, including those in his book:

  • Constraints on the sale of “ugly” fruits and vegetables
  • Preventing sharing food with the homeless and others in need
  • Threatening to treat manure-the lifeblood of organic fertilization-as a toxin
  • Mandating food preparers wear latex gloves which actually makes food less safe
  • Prohibiting people from growing fruits and vegetables in their own yards

Baylen also dished up solutions, explaining how better regulations could enable sustainable practices for the future and enhance what lands on our plates.

The long-running Lopate show airs weekdays 12:00pm to 2:00pm, exploring literature, art, culture, food, and life. Heavy-hitting writers, actors, ex-presidents, political figures, economists, scientists, comedians, dancers, chefs, historians, filmmakers and do-it-yourself experts have all sat down with Leonard. Prominent guests include Barack Obama, Joe Biden, John McCain, Henry Kissinger, Ang Lee, Anne Hathaway, Francis Ford Coppola, Sarah Jessica Parker, Alice Munro, Robert Altman, Mel Brooks and many more.

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