Despite political resistance, climate denial, and outdated misinformation, the clean energy revolution really is happening now.  

Fossil fuels will become a thing of the past just like oil from whale blubber, according to energy expert Leah Y. Parks. “Disruptive technologies are changing business models and clean technologies are on track to completely disrupt the fossil fuel industry. We can either embrace this future, become the leader in the ‘clean energy’ revolution, and reap the benefits or we can fall behind and risk obsolescence like Kodak and Blockbuster.”
The following infographic illustrates that a 21st century energy transformation is already underway:

Clean Energy Revolution infographic made by Carney & Associates as part of our national book publicity campaign for All-Electric America, by Leah Y. Parks and S. Davis Freeman. To find out how our publicity services can help spread the word of your book, product or organization, please contact Kathlene Carney.