Ironically, I’m writing to lament the fact that the world has reached a saturation point of shallow, thoughtless content, giving rise to phrases we refer to in publicity as “content saturation” and “content pollution.”

As publicists, we still encourage our authors and experts to blog and participate in social media, but it’s more important than ever to communicate with purpose, target your audiences, and be relevant.

Human attention spans are minuscule and finite, and readers are more inclined to absorb short, punchy messages than to read anything in great detail.

Since you now have just seconds to share your story, the trend in publicity is toward including video, infographics, or other images to help distill your messages into easily-digestible morsels.

And on that note, I’m launching my new blog. Welcome to Carney & Associates publicity services for people who improve our world. I’ll try to keep my posts brief, pithy and relevant.